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Sample Candle & Waistbead

Sample Candle & Waistbead

SKU: 1001007

Our sample candle has the most soothing aroma. Receive the first samples of our new line of candles coming soon.


Ingredients: Soy wax, essential oil, candle dye, stearic acid


Size: Waistbead- 52 1/2", Candle-15.8 oz including glass jar



*Keep this candle and all other candles away from children, curtains, and anything hanging to prevent fires. Keep beadss away from children, may swallow, put in nose, and/or ears.*

  • How to use:

    Waistbead***Measure where you would like the beads, push excess beads down to the end of the anchor, tie in double knots or however many knots you would like, then cut off anchor and remainging string.

    Candle*** After lighting the candle, watch to see how high the flame may go and move to an area to accommodate flame until it burn down. When ready to blow out candle, you can smother the flame or simple blow out. Trim wick when ready to re-light.

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